"Dear “Future-Husband” of mine, you cannot say I’m not giving you clues of what I want and expect from you."
Nia Stephanie.
"Tumblr is like breaking into another person’s brain and knowing it through tons of images. At least that’s my case, I don’t talk to much or express myself that well, so, probably that’s the best way to understand who and how I am, what I like, what I want and what I don’t."
Nia Stephanie
"I can’t deny the fact that I always fall (and I always will) in love with weirdo assholes, but to be true, I love them, I love weird people, I love assholes, it’s just that I feel I understand them."
Nia Stephanie
"No Matter What, Fashion Is My Life"
Nia Stephanie
I need this car NOW!

Would you like to see why they said YES! to me?? :)

"Wild birds need of freedom, so don’t let love to be a cage,
cos’ if we can love for real, we could love in freedom.
We can be wild birds together."
Nia Stephanie
I must be studying but… where to start?? :S
I bet this will happen to me someday! LOL